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Starburst Assorted Flavors Fresh Candy Bulk Wholesale Value Pack7.05 Pound 112.9 Ounce FCNRECYEG



Availability: In Stock

Bulk pack of 20 lollipops, each individually wrappedIntense, delicious gourmet flavorsPerfectly balanced sticks! No more wrist injuries from enthusiastic eating!Perfect for parties, a candy-bar, a balloon weight, for trips in the car and to give-away when the new baby arrives - instead of (or in addition to) cigarsMade in USA

The Ozark Delight lollipops WILL BE your new favorite lollipop. The flavors are distinct and intense from start to finish. Kids and adults alike love these suckers, and once you have tried one for yourself, you will taste the difference. These are not the typical mild-mannered, weak-flavored sugar-on-a-stick candies. If you are a fan of delicious flavor, you will appreciate the superior quality of Ozark Delight's original gourmet lollipops!

Each 0.9 oz lollipop lasts about an hour.
Sealed to prevent deliciousness from escaping.
20 per box.
Made in the USA.

You get no broken pops; no miscounts, always the best flavor with labels that are clear to read ('use by date' is clearly on the box) and labeled with an barcode, that allows for easy returns, exchanges, or searching/scanning to purchase again!

Fulfillment by means that will provide their superior customer service and shipping on these products as you support a family owned and operated small business in Nevada. If you have ANY problems with your order, locate the order in your account info and contact via chat, email, or phone! Our business depends on your honest Verified Purchase product reviews. Tell us what you think about the flavor(s) and our product(s). We want to know, and it helps keep us in business! So, are you a fan of this delicious flavor! These are truly the original gourmet lollipops!

Starburst Assorted Flavors Fresh Candy Bulk Wholesale Value Pack7.05 Pound 112.9 Ounce FCNRECYEG

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