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Sal y Limon Chapulines 4 Ounces DMYVIDVIP



Availability: In Stock

These Chapulines are dry and can be served as a finger food or used in recipes to add an exotic flavor and to spice things up. Note: Orders of three pounds and above may be packaged in resealable zip-lock style bags.Order 4 ounces or 1 poundIngredients: Grasshoppers, lemon, salt, garlic and chile

In Mexico, the word chapulines means grasshoppers, whether they are out in a field hopping around or in the kitchen being cooked with chile and spices. In the U.S., when we mention Chapulines it is almost always the spicy grasshopper snack.

Sal y Limon Chapulines 4 Ounces DMYVIDVIP

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