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Alfie Pet by Petoga Couture Oba Fleece Pet Sleeping Mat OGTXISOCH



Availability: In Stock

Measures 11 wide, 15.5 long.Pet bed designed for crates, carriers, and other pet homes.Soft fleece cover and perfect for the couch, pet bed or inside your car.Allowing pets to enjoy the comfort of a warm , soft bed whenever they feel like it!Machine washable for easy cleaning.

How to choose the right bedding for your cat
Does your cat like to sleep stretched out, usually in the sun or on a window ledge or even on top of a cupboard If so a flat, rectangular shaped pillow would be the ideal bed for your cat.
Does your cat like to curl up and have a little security around them Then a doughnut shaped cat bed is perfect for them, allowing them to curl up inside or rest their head. Ideal for cats or kittens that feel the cold too.
If your cat loves nothing more than sleeping on a sofa or bed, then a cushion based bed would be most suitable for them. The Deep Cat Cushion is designed to be like a sofa cushion and because of its larger size it is ideal for cats that like to share and small dogs.
Does your cat like to hide away and sleep, does it feel happier when enclosed (under a bed or on a chair under a table) if so then an enclosed bed would be best for them.

What accessories should I get
Cat tunnels and boxes, which further the cat’s curiosity, are extremely important for house cats and help them preserve and reinforce their natural instincts. Scratch trees are also very important as cats need to use their claws, and it is always better for them to do so on a specially designed piece of furniture than on your expensive leather sofa.

Why does my cat needs a cat hammock
If you’ve studied the behavior of your cat at least once, you may have noticed that the cat is always scanning its surroundings for possible dangers. Pet hammocks are a great way to further this natural instinct cats have and provide them with the necessary tools to achieve exactly what they need. It also a great way to provide your cat with a place where it can develop, or simply-put play, with something that resembles a natural challenge.

Alfie Pet by Petoga Couture Oba Fleece Pet Sleeping Mat OGTXISOCH

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