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4CLAWS Incline Scratching Pad White BASICS Collection Cat Scratcher IGIUTTCWZ



Availability: In Stock

Inclined surface accommodates both uphill and downhill scratching and stretching10 surface is wide enough to accommodate cats of all sizes. Modern minimal design blends nicely with most homesReversible for two different configurations and double the longevityCreated with Premium Pressed Cardboard, the scratcher is dense and durable100% Recyclable and made from Recycled Cardboard

Inclined for Stretching and Scratching

The inclined cardboard scratcher allows your kitty to stretch and scratch on a slanted surface. The wide inclined surface accommodates both uphill and downhill scratching postures. The tunnel beneath allows small kittens to hide and chill.

Protect your carpets and furniture and save money by offering your cats a better alternative to dig their claws in. The Inclined Scratcher is designed to appeal to your kitty’s natural instinctive need for scratching. Get a couple and enjoy a discount! Your kitty will love it!

Created with Premium Pressed Cardboard, these durable scratchers are dense enough to be able to withstand your cat’s beating and lasts longer than others.

The scratcher measures 17.7 long, 10 wide and 1.6 thick.

4CLAWS BASICS Collection

Got extra scratching needs Or have multiple cats to care for Get the entire BASICS Collection scratchers that accommodate your cat’s every need to scratch. Designed and tested with different profiles, each model is tailored for a specific scratching posture. From horizontal, arched, inclined, to vertical scratching needs, our collection takes cares of every one of them.

4CLAWS Incline Scratching Pad White BASICS Collection Cat Scratcher IGIUTTCWZ

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