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36 Inch Professional Quality Mop Kit with 6 Six High Quality Pads FCPXHWGHL



Availability: In Stock

Professional Quality with Ergonomic Handle, Extends to 70-- 6 Pads6 total, High Quality, Long Lasting, Washable PadsFour Dust Pads Two Damp PadsGreat for dusting in house, patio, garage and porchSatisfaction Guaranteed

While MicrofiberStore is new, we have been in the microfiber business for more than 15 years. Our microfiber mops are great for home or business and are best when when used for dusting, damp mopping or scrubbing. Use the damp mop pads with very little water (or cleaner) on most applications at home. Just a slightly damp pad cleans very well. You may find it convenient to use a spray bottle to spray ahead of your mopping area. Use water or a diluted mixture of your favorite cleaner for specific types of floor. More liquid may be needed for highly soiled floors. In addition to inside your house, all your mop pads my be used on your porch, your patio or garage, depending on how course the texture of the finish. Use the dust pads in all the same places. In addition to dusting floors they may be used for dusting walls. They are great for knocking down cobwebs in the corners. Cleaning: We provide more pads with our mop kits because microfiber should be washed with other microfiber. It's unreasonable to wash just one or two pads. We recommend several of each type so that you will always have a clean pad available and never have to wash a small number of pads. When damp mopping on soiled floors simply take off the soiled pad, attach a clean pad and continue. However, while dust mopping it may be convenient to take the pad out and give it a good shake like you would a small rug or use a hand-vac to take the dust off the pad. This works really well when pets are shedding, for instance. All of our pads are very durable and may be washed many times.They are to be washed in cold water, no bleach and definitely no fabric softener. You will love the convenience of microfiber mopping.

36 Inch Professional Quality Mop Kit with 6 Six High Quality Pads FCPXHWGHL

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