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32 Ounce Ready to use Outdoor Surface Cleaner Removes Stains Caused by Algae Mold Mildew and Moss PUYVUUYYI



Availability: In Stock

Removes algae, mold, moss and mildew stainsReady to UseNo rinsing neededNon acidic, non caustic and no bleach

Directions:Prep Area To Be Treated: Wet all surrounding landscape and areas not needing treated before and after application of product. Move or cover any surfaces not needing treated. Do not mix product with other detergents or cleaners. Do not apply on windy day. Drift spray will harm vegetation. Apply when you have at least 12 hours with no rain. Best applied in overcast dry conditions to avoid drying too quickly. Directions: Be sure surface to be treated is dry. Spray Grime Buster Outdoor Surface Cleaner on dry surface until it is saturated. Treatment will dry and natural elements (wind and rain) will wash away the stain over time. For surfaces protected from natural elements, some brushing may be required. If solution drifts onto other surfaces not intended to be treated or onto vegetation rinse before it dries. DO NOT rinse treated surface. For tough stains, an additional treatment may need applied 1-2 months later, but do not apply more than 6 times per year. Do not allow children or pets to walk on wet, treated surfaces. Do not allow children to play on treated play equipment until equipment has been washed down with fresh water, a day after application. Wood Decks: Wood may require brushing for complete stain removal. Use water and stiff bristle broom 1 month after application. Stains can take up to 12 months to come clean. Repeat treatment every 12 months or when new stains appear.

32 Ounce Ready to use Outdoor Surface Cleaner Removes Stains Caused by Algae Mold Mildew and Moss PUYVUUYYI

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